One of the Top Lawyers in Houston

Ajay Choudhary has been named one of the top lawyers in Houston by Houstonia magazine (Houstonia magazine’s average monthly readership is about 500,000). Ajay has been a speaker at seminars for other attorneys and seminars for the public. Ajay has been an attorney in Texas for more than 20 years. As an undergraduate, Ajay went to the University of California at Berkeley and graduated in three years with a double major. Ajay received a scholarship from SMU’s law school and graduated from law school in 1997. Ajay has successfully handled a wide variety of cases. Because of the vast amount of experience he has gained during his legal career, Ajay is able to handle any type of case.

Ajay Choudhary was recently invited to be a guest speaker on a popular YouTube channel to talk about non-compete agreements and contracts.  Click on the following link to watch Ajay Choudhary talk about non-compete agreements and contracts:

Special Features of the Firm

Many people work on weekdays and it is difficult for them to take time off from work to see a lawyer.  Therefore, our firm is open on Saturdays.  In fact, our firm is one of the few law firms that is open on Saturdays.

In addition to being open on Saturdays, another of the firm’s features that people find to be convenient is that Ajay Choudhary is available anytime for a free phone consultation.  Because of Ajay’s vast experience, he often is able to provide helpful legal advice over the phone.  At many other firms, members of the public are not able to speak with an experienced lawyer unless they pay a fee or go in person to the firm’s office.

Areas of Practice

The firm’s areas of practice are Asylum Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Non-Compete Agreements, Marriage-Based Green Card, Deportation, Retaliation, Family Law, and General Practice. For more information, click on “Learn More” in the middle of this page. For example, by clicking on “Learn More,” you can see Top Seven Ways to Attack a Non-Compete Agreement or Top Ten Ways to Avoid Deportation.